Monday, January 27, 2014

Wooden panel- my favorite!

11x14 acrylic on wooden panel. This piece was one of my favorites. A friend commissioned this for his wife for Christmas, and he knew she liked my Lowcountry scenes. He sort of cut me loose- and I love the photograph I worked from! I recommended this photo and wooden panel and he said "sounds great"!
I ha been saving his photo and I do a value study painting of it last fall- but had been wanted to work it out on wood in color! What a perfect opportunity!
I don't base coat the panel- I like some natural wood grain to show!
Painted outline:

I love commissions- don't get me wrong and I'm so thankful for them! But my 2014 New Years resolution is to build a little body of wooden panel pieces to sell- instead of bein 100% commission-driven. Wooden panel is my favorite and I feel like its a style in developing that's all my own- I'm not imitating the work of anyone else or the photograph to death!
You'll see on the price list it is slightly extra for wooden panel- materials are just less available and a little more expensive- but don let that stop you from considering it!!
Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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