Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Continuing to dig...

 Once again, I'm contributing to your neck problems... but I love this sailboat. I can't remember when this was done... probably around 2004, this has a partner hanging in my dad's office. Maybe I can get him to load it :)

 Tiny 3x5  Acrylic, Also inspired by Lulie!  Done around March, 2011.

This was a watercolor and ink for an Avondale mural competition. Didn't win the competition, but sold the painting! I think this was originally maybe a 16x16, but this is just a photograph of a copy of it, because I can't seem to find the scanned image.

 Again, tilt your head. Oil on paper 8x10. From summer of 2002 SCGSAH.
 At least we're tilting our head to the right this time...... A linoleum block print 11x14. Also done as self-portrait project at SCGSAH ( I know, it looks nothing like me, and if it is me, I look angry). I love this technique, and one day with a little more working space, I'd like to pursue it again. I love the stark contrast of simple black and white. A printmaker that I love from Charleston is Stacey Bradley, and you can see her prints at http://www.etsy.com/people/PerlaAnne
 A colored pencil 11x14- part of my portfolio for SCSGAH application. Fall 2001.
 11x14 monochromatic watercolor. Actually was done as a value study before the final watercolor project in a summer workshop I did with Joe Miller in Boone, NC in the summer of 2004. I can't find the final full-color project, but I actually liked the value study better.

Old Artwork Continued....

Sorry, there are some repeats, but in digging around I found photos I took before they were framed, and I think they're much nicer without the glass.... So my apologies for the repetition.
 Another entry into the 2009 CRBR T-shirt design contest. Watercolor and Ink. around 14x20.
 So- I can't figure out how to rotate this clockwise 90 degrees... so turn your head sideways please!
a maybe 16x20 watercolor for some wonderful friends I believe it was the fall of 2009.
 St. Luke's chapel- watercolor somewhere in the ballpark of 11x17. Summer 2009. For friends that were married there.
 And here is the  repetition. again, sprin 2008, watercolor from Studio Art at Wofford from Brian's picture. Sorry for the neck cramp.
One more again, but with more clarity and better color.colored pencil, spring 2008. From Copenhagen.

Visit to Dillon

Documented a few older pieces at my parents' house in Dillon!
 After a trip with my dad at 16 to Venice, I did this acrylic of the front of a gondola in a canal. Sometime around 2002-2003?
 This is massive, don't even want to guess at the size. Colored pencil self-portrait. An assignment the summer I spent at SC Govenor's School for Art. 2002
 For mom- a 30x36 acrylic. Can't even remember when it was painted. Not my style, but mom love is- that's the important thing :)
 One in a 5 part series that had to transform a crumpled ball of paper into an object- I picked a conch shell. Pencil and Ink, with a little colored pencil hint of pink. somewhere around 8x10-11x14. Also done in the range of 2001-2002 at SCGSAH.
This was totally inspired by the work of Lulie Wallace. Great artist and friend. Check out her work at www.luliewallace.com. Her blog was also the primary source of inspiration for mine!

Friday, June 10, 2011

 Entry to 2009 Cooper River Bridge Run T-shirt Design Contest 10x14 watercolor
 11x14 acrylic. Birthday present for Brian, February 2006
 A better shot of this 16x20 acrylic for Brian, February 2011. Switched frames.
  11x14 watercolor from a picture Brian took. March 2008

 28x36 colored pencil of Nyhavn in Copenhagen Denmark, where I studied abroad. February 2008.

 16x20 acrylic- another photo Brian took at Debordieu. April 2008.
 16x24 watercolor taken from the point of Debordieu looking at North Island, the night we got engaged! My wedding present to Brian. Fall 2008.
 Diocletian's Palace in Split, Croatia, where Brian traveled last year on a trip for his MBA. 10x13 pastel pencil.

Same thing, closer shot....
 Project for Studio Art at Wofford, Sprin 2008. Reproduction of a Claude Monet. 16x20 Acrylic.
 Watercolor of St. Mark's Square in Venice. One of my favorites. 8x10. Done sometime around 2004.

Again, same thing, but closer...
More to come.....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

 I'm not a follower of blogs, nor did I ever imagine I'd create a blog of my own. It's more my desire to share images than words or thoughts.This blog came about in the effort to document my artwork and the winding journey it seems to take, as well as to share current projects with friends and family. I've always thought that if there was a comprehensive exhibit of my entire body of work, observers would guess each piece was by a different artist. Whether or not this is true, I don't know. What I DO know is that I tend to chase ideas as they inspire me, and follow the parts of a piece that I like as I go... Very rarely do I have a vision of the end product before I get started. I always love the beginning of a new project and developing the idea, and find myself exhausted with the details and finishing. This is why I haven't found my characteristic style, and I'm not sure I ever will. 
Enough with the monologue- this is why I hate blogs. I'm going to try to go back and document some older work. This will probably come in the form of multiple posts.
A 9x12 watercolor of the Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park, for an AAWD silent auction in April 2011

 Happy Birthday Brian- a 16x20 acrylic of a special lonely tree on the beach at Debordieu. February 2011
 Commission for an anniversary for some wonderful friends - the ruins of Old Sheldon Church where they were married. Acrylic 30x36.  May 2011
Happy Birthday mom! acrylic 30x36. May 2011.

More to come....