Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Series of 4 grayscale pieces

This series was commissioned by some friends of 4 meaningful places to them: their first home, the church they were married in, their alma mater (where they met), and a special family lake house. I was HONORED as I always am when people trust me to capture things so meaningful to them. The photos were very different in scale, color scheme, perspective, and architecture. For that reason we decided to use a monochromatic approach so that they'd read as a unit when hung together. I love monochromatic paintings! Whether in black/white or sepia, the contrast of light and dark can be more striking than color paintings. I can't wait to see these framed and in their home! These are 11x14 paintings that will be matted to 10x13. acrylic on watercolor painting- completed August 2014.
The four together:
 Wofford's "Old Main":
 Lovely home in Charlotte:
 Church in Knoxville:
 Lake House:
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