Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fun commissions!

A few fun recent commissions:
First a large (24"x36") palette knife acrylic abstract on gallery wrapped 1.5" deep canvas. I loved this because I love the friend who asked me to do it and it looks just like her. She loves soft colors and texture. I used a super heavy body acrylic for this and loved it! It's so different from what I usually do. 

Next is two 5x7" studies for another friend. She is giving them as a gift, but my friend loves birch trees and these are totally her colors too! I love that. Expect to see a larger work of the painting on the left (the close-up one) soon! These are acrylic on canvas board, done with palette knives. There's so much joy in painting something for a dear friend that you know well, and knowing they'll love it!

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