Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Artwork Continued....

Sorry, there are some repeats, but in digging around I found photos I took before they were framed, and I think they're much nicer without the glass.... So my apologies for the repetition.
 Another entry into the 2009 CRBR T-shirt design contest. Watercolor and Ink. around 14x20.
 So- I can't figure out how to rotate this clockwise 90 degrees... so turn your head sideways please!
a maybe 16x20 watercolor for some wonderful friends I believe it was the fall of 2009.
 St. Luke's chapel- watercolor somewhere in the ballpark of 11x17. Summer 2009. For friends that were married there.
 And here is the  repetition. again, sprin 2008, watercolor from Studio Art at Wofford from Brian's picture. Sorry for the neck cramp.
One more again, but with more clarity and better color.colored pencil, spring 2008. From Copenhagen.

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