Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visit to Dillon

Documented a few older pieces at my parents' house in Dillon!
 After a trip with my dad at 16 to Venice, I did this acrylic of the front of a gondola in a canal. Sometime around 2002-2003?
 This is massive, don't even want to guess at the size. Colored pencil self-portrait. An assignment the summer I spent at SC Govenor's School for Art. 2002
 For mom- a 30x36 acrylic. Can't even remember when it was painted. Not my style, but mom love is- that's the important thing :)
 One in a 5 part series that had to transform a crumpled ball of paper into an object- I picked a conch shell. Pencil and Ink, with a little colored pencil hint of pink. somewhere around 8x10-11x14. Also done in the range of 2001-2002 at SCGSAH.
This was totally inspired by the work of Lulie Wallace. Great artist and friend. Check out her work at www.luliewallace.com. Her blog was also the primary source of inspiration for mine!

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